Six real sets in LEGO 2K Drive from City, Ideas and more

LEGO 2K Drive features a vast array of vehicles, some of which are based on or recreate sets from LEGO Ideas, Speed Champions and more. 

Announced earlier this week, LEGO 2K Drive is the first in a multi-title partnership’ with publisher 2K Games, explaining the name. The game combines racing, buildable cars and an open world full of activities. However, you might have recognised some of its vehicles. 

Looking through press footage shared by DuckBricks and official screenshots, we’ve found six real sets from LEGO Ideas, Speed Champions, City and Creator, offering an idea of what to expect in LEGO 2K Drive when it releases on May 19, 2023. Click here to find out more about the various editions and here for pre-order bonuses. 

6 – 4643 Power Boat Transporter 

Ground-based vehicles aren’t the only modes of transportation in LEGO 2K Drive as you’ll be controlling boats too. One such boat is the watercraft from 2011’s 4643 Power Boat Transporter of LEGO City – but it would appear without the chequered flag decals. 


5 – 31107 Space Rover Explorer 

The main model of LEGO Creator 3-in-1 31107 Space Rover Explorer is also featured in LEGO 2K Drive as an off-road vehicle and one of the larger models in the game revealed so far too. The wheels have been modified in the game to use rubber tyres and a deeper chassis instead.

4 – 31072 Extreme Engines 

31072 Extreme Engines is one of quite a few LEGO Creator 3-in-1 vehicles in LEGO 2K Drive but we’ve spotted one of its alternate models in the game too, though whether both can be driven has yet to be confirmed. 

3 – 76918 McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM 

One of the newest sets in LEGO 2K Drive is both builds from 76918 McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM as the first licensed vehicles revealed at the time of writing. The McLaren F1 LM is featured in the cover art of the Awesome and Awesome Rivals Edition, while the Solus GT is featured on the standard edition cover art. 

2 – 60387 4×4 Off-Roader Adventures 

60387 4×4 Off-Roader Adventures from earlier in 2023 is also included in LEGO 2K Drive as an off-road car – as suggested by the set name. 

1 – 40335 Space Rocket Ride 

Notably, footage showcasing the vehicle creation tool also reveals a model using part of 40335 Space Rocket Ride. The LEGO Ideas gift-with-purchase signature design elements are all featured, but as a car rather than a coin-operated ride. At the very least, official footage has confirmed that you can build a car inspired by the LEGO Ideas set in the game.

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