Six new LEGO sets to get with upcoming offers, including Year of the Tiger GWP

A duo of new LEGO offers launch soon on the online store, so we’ve selected some of the new Monkie Kid and NINJAGO that can get you both.

Anyone hoping to get both 40491 Year of the Tiger and 30562 Monkie Kid’s Underwater Journey when the two models become the latest deals on starting January 10 has plenty of options in Monkie Kid and NINJAGO as the two themes are eligible for both the polybag and the seasonal Chinese New Year build.

You’ll need to spend over £40 / $40 / €40 on Monkie Kid or NINJAGO sets for 30562 Monkie Kid’s Underwater Journey as well as £85 in the UK, $85 in the US or €85 In Europe on any theme for 40491 Year of the Tiger, so we’ve picked out six sets that will have you well on your way to that goal.

80034 Nezha’s Fire Ring

The main monowheel model of 80034 Nezha’s Fire Ring is a vehicle we rarely see in bricks with Star Wars being the only former home of the unique transportation in the past. This new iteration uses the rollercoaster track to form a rigid loop around the cockpit with space for one minifigure as well as a choice of weapons.


Rare and exclusive minifigures also feature in 80034 Nezha’s Fire Ring such as Nezha, Evil Macaque, White Bone Demon and Monkie Kid in battle armour. At £69.99 / $99.99 / €79.99, you’ll only need one other set to qualify for both deals, or none depending on your country.

71765 Ninja Ultra Combo Mech

While much of the new NINJAGO Core wave is aimed at an audience of ages six and up and includes distinct elements of the theme such as cars, temples and mechs, one vehicle stands above the crowd for its size and combining function.

The main feature of 71765 Ninja Ultra Combo Mech is how the four included vehicles can be attached to form one giant mech, with each portion devoted to a member of the original NINJAGO team for added nostalgia. This set costs £74.99 / $89.99 / €84.99, meaning anyone in the UK and Europe will need just one other build to get you over the price threshold for the two deals.

80036 The City of Lanterns

Despite being out of stock worldwide at the time of writing, 80036 The City of Lanterns is the biggest LEGO Monkie Kid set released for 2022 so far and at
£114.99 / $149.99 / €129.99 it’s more than enough for both upcoming offers.

You won’t currently be able to get the model starting January 10, though the deal will last until January 27, meaning a restock may be possible before the end of the month. You might even consider buying two, to make use of the extra track piece.

71766 Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon

71766 Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon is £54.99 / $69.99 / €59.99 and the only dragon in the new wave to be aimed at an audience higher than ages six and up, meaning it uses the older system for poseable figures but with a colour scheme to match the other 2022 models.

You can read more about the 747-piece build in our in-depth review, where we decided that it’s one of the best examples of a NINJAGO dragon to date.

80035 Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer

LEGO Monkie Kid is reaching for the stars in 2022 with 80035 Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer taking the team to space in a colourful rocket with a twisting interior.

For £89.99 / $129.99 / €99.99, the set was one of the first 2022 Monkie Kid creations to be revealed last year and has a price not quite as high as other builds in the theme, but still enough to get both of the deals no matter where you live.

71767 Ninja Dojo Temple

LEGO NINJAGO returns to its roots in 2022 with a variety of sets not tied to any specific media and allowing the designers to be more creative than usual with the new sets. This is reflected in 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple which features the entire team as minifigures as well as lots of references and details to discover.

This is also the only NINJAGO 2022 set so far to include both new Master Wu and Pixal minifigures and clever techniques and features are packed within the giant temple build, which you can read all about in our review that tours the dojo.

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