Some rejected LEGO Ideas projects will take a little longer to become real sets

The team at BrickLink have announced a few changes coming to their Designer Program, which will see several rejected LEGO Ideas projects stand another chance at becoming real sets. 

new post on the BrickLink forum details that the designer program has been expanded considering delays caused by the ongoing pandemic, as well as acting as a response to feedback. 

Whereas before, the 26 projects would all enter the crowdfunding stage in June then have half that amount selected to be real models, the new system expands that timeframe vastly. 

A provided diagram helps to explain the changes, but in short, there are now three rounds of crowdfunding, of which eight to 10 submissions will be a part of each. This allows the designers ample time to finish rebuilding their creations, ready to accept crowdfunding. 


The first of these rounds will be in July, which will only contain eight projects. The next two rounds are in September and November accordingly with up to to 10 designs in each. 

You can see every project that will eventually make its way to crowdfunding here, with some of them removed from the program, including a pair very recently. Pre-orders for the first round will open on July 1. 

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