A familiar Star Wars threat is revealed in Andor’s post-credits finale

The season finale of Andor is packed with revelations, including a post-credits glimpse of a sight that’s more than familiar to Star Wars fans.

After 12 tense episodes, the first season of Star Wars: Andor has drawn to a close this week. Packed with drama, intense character arcs and nods to the larger Star Wars universe, the Disney+ show has been welcomed by fans and critics alike and is confirmed to be returning for a second season at some point. (Spoilers ahead)

Although there have been many subtle mentions of existing Star Wars lore and fan-favourite Easter eggs in the series, a post-credits scene at the end of episode 12 firmly states where we all know the show is inevitable heading. Glimpsed orbiting a world that may be the planet Scarif is the still-under-construction first Death Star. As those who have watched Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will know, Andor and his team of Rebels are searching for the plans to the fearsome battle station in the film and ultimately meet their demise on the floating blue orb below.

Star Wars Andor Death Star
Image: Star Wars

In an ironic twist, we also see teams of droids assembling huge panels around the Death Star’s superlaser, which are held together with the same metallic parts that Andor and his fellow inmates were constructing on the prison planet of Narkina 5. In fact one aspiring LEGO fan recently went so far as to make a set of tongue-in-cheek instructions for building the same parts ad infinitum, if you so wish.

To date there has only been one LEGO Star Wars set released that explicitly ties into Star Wars: Andor and that’s 75338 Ambush on Ferrix. However, there have been three large-scale brick-built versions of the Death Star released over the years, including 10143 Death Star II, 10188 Death Star and 75159 Death Star.

All 12 episodes of Star Wars: Andor Season 1 are currently streaming on Disney+. 75338 Ambush on Ferrix is available for purchase now and you can check out our review of the set right here.

Featured image: Star Wars

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