Star Wars: The Clone Wars is returning with new episodes

At San Diego Comic Con, Lucasfilm’s animation lead Dave Filoni revealed that The Clone Wars will return with 12 new episodes.

During this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Lucasfilm has had a smaller presence than in recent years, with no new film release imminent. A panel marking ten years of The Clone Wars was expected to be merely a reflective presentation, but Dave Filoni, who was the Supervising Director of the series during its six year run, surprised fans by announced that The Clone Wars was “saved”, with 12 new episodes on the way. The trailer screened gave fans a taste of the new episodes…

Although the series was generally acknowledged to have an uneven tone and at times quality, the standard of animation for television was consistently praised. Critics and fans also praised the series for its sheer ambition, frequently offering challenging stories and themes.

The Clone Wars was cancelled following its fifth season, after Disney acquired Lucasfilm. A number of episodes selected by George Lucas were completed and released on Netflix as the “Lost Missions”, with a further 12 episodes released in rough animatic format as a favour to the series’ die-hard fans. At the time it was cancelled, the series aired on Cartoon Network.
It seems that now that Disney will be launching a branded streaming service and be in need of content, a way to continue The Clone Wars has been found. Whether 12 extra episodes will justify the word “saved” to the fans who had been pushing for Lucasfilm to continue the series proper remains to be seen.

What is more, Lucasfilm’s statement says that, “Fans have clamored for Disney and Lucasfilm to finish what was started ever since. And now it’s actually happening.” The term finished may be generous, as it certainly won’t be ending as originally intended – the cast had recorded dialogue for episodes from at least seasons six and seven, with scripts reportedly completed for an eighth season too. One of the originally intended story arcs will be completed and included – The Siege of Mandalore – which is expected to resolve Rex, Ahsoka and Maul’s storylines.

Whether or not these 12 episodes are enough to satiate fans or remain true to the originally intended conclusion of the series, new episodes will provide fertile ground for new LEGO Star Wars sets, which have often mined The Clone Wars for inspiration.

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