The first reviews of LEGO Marvel 76199 Carnage are starting to appear

If you can’t wait until the launch of the latest LEGO Marvel helmet, then the first reviews of 76199 Carnage have arrived, giving you an early look at the symbiote structure. 

A few lucky builders have received early copies of 76199 Carnage thanks to the LEGO Group, and as a result, reviews have started to appear online, including on YouTube thanks to Ashnflash. 

With the help of these deep dives into the Marvel model, there are a few previously unknown details that excited shoppers may want to know before the set releases next month, or later this month depending on where you live

We now have confirmation that the vein-like designs adorning the top of the supervillain set are stickers, and not printed pieces. Luckily, we’ve got a guide on the best way to apply LEGO stickers, so you can make sure you’ve got the decals aligned perfectly. 

With help from the reviews, we also now know that the rear of the model is bland compared to the front, which isn’t overly surprising but does mean that the helmet will probably be best displayed facing you or from the side. Although we’re not sure why you’d choose to place it any other way – unless the brick-built visage terrifies you that much.

There are a couple of smaller details we can pick out thanks to the early look too, such as the build for the eyes being different, with one appearing as if it is winking. This is a feature that upon closer inspection, is reflected in 76187 Venom, making the two Marvel helmets even more alike. 76199 Carnage releases May 1 for most of us, but it will start shipping from April 11 for US fans, with pre-orders now open.

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