Here it is: the full purple LEGO Classic Space astronaut

The pieces required to assemble a full purple LEGO Classic Space astronaut are now in the wild, so here’s what the finished result looks like…

The rainbow of LEGO Classic Space astronauts continues to grow year-by-year, and two new hues have officially joined the line-up in 2023. One of those comes readymade in 71037 Series 24’s Brown Astronaut and Spacebaby, but the other requires a little more work to put together. That’s because 80111 Lunar New Year Parade includes a purple Classic Space helmet and airtanks for the first time, but not the rest of the minifigure.

For that, you’ll need to turn first to 71032 Series 22’s Space Creature, which includes a purple torso with the Classic Space logo. Its printed and arms and legs will then need swapping out for plain purple alternatives, to fully match the simple aesthetic of LEGO Classic Space astronaut minifigures. With all the pieces in hand (don’t forget the classic smiley face), you’ll finally be able to construct a true purple astronaut – just like redditor -Words-Words-Words-.

Here’s the finished character in all its glory…

REDDIT LEGO purple Classic Space astronaut minifigure
Image: -Words-Words-Words-

The full range of LEGO Classic Space astronauts includes (deep breath) red, blue, white, yellow, black, orange, brown, pink and green colourways, while the pieces also exist to assemble a light grey version. They’re not necessarily the easiest to come by, though, while the proper helmet (with a thinner chin strap) doesn’t exist in green – instead, the astronauts from 21109 Exo Suit use a regular racing helmet.

If you’re happy with that style of helmet for your purple astronaut, you’ll also be able to acquire the airtanks through LEGO City’s 60361 Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge when it launches in March. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that both that piece and the helmet show up on Pick a Brick eventually, but nothing is guaranteed right now.

LEGO 71032 Purple Classic Space Minifigure Collectible Minifigures Series 22 4

Click here to take a closer look at this year’s other new LEGO Classic Space minifigure in 71037 Series 24. You can also bolster your astro-squad through 10497 Galaxy Explorer, which is available now at

Featured image: -Words-Words-Words-

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