The LEGO Batman Movie 70915 Two-Face Double Demolition

Batman’s old enemy comes crashing into the scene in 70915 Two-Face Double Demolition, but is it worthy of crashing into your LEGO collection?

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Many villains get their moment in the spotlight in The LEGO Batman Movie range, and one – depending how you are counting – of those who deserve it is Two-Face, the former District Attorney who struggles with his identity. In this set, he is driving an appropriately delineated demolition truck with a bat-vehicle included that will no doubt scupper his destructive intentions.

I really enjoyed the first wave of sets to accompany The LEGO Batman Movie as well as the thoroughly well executed Collectible Minifigures series, so I was eager to see if the second wave continued to delight. At first glance I wasn’t overwhelmed by 70915 Two-Face Double Demolition, but this soon changed when I got stuck into the building process. The set comprises four minifigures, a Batcycle, a couple of barriers and the main feature – Two-Face’s customised excavator.

70915 main shot

The set includes two of GCPD’s finest which are both nice inclusions, made all the more better by tactical vests which are also nicely detailed. Both minifigures have a nice array of accessories which add to the play-ability in the set although I’m not convinced the barriers will hold once challenged by the excavator…

The Batman minifigure is identical to those in others sets across the theme, with the exception of the head which comes with two new expressions. The set includes a spare utility belt and a healthy amount of batarangs.

The Two-Face minifigure, exclusive to 70915 Two-Face Double Demolition, is exceptionally well done and bears more than a passing resemblance to Billy Dee Williams who voiced the character in the film in a nod to Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman. The head, torso and legs are all dual-printed and the ‘toxic’ side includes printing on the side of the arm and leg which is a really nice touch. This minifigure is nicely finished with different coloured hands, a tommy gun, a neat moustache and a humorous glimpse of Two-Face’s underwear – complete with red hearts printed on them.

The Batcycle aka ‘Bat Hawk’ is an enjoyable build and the finished product fits nicely with the other vehicles in the theme, embracing the black with flashes of red colour scheme. Stud shooters and a rocket launcher are included either side of the vehicle but the real highlight are the bat wing element doors which move beautifully and add texture to the build.

Two-Face’s customised excavator was a delight to build and at times had me trying to figure where the process was going. This was a far from pedestrian build and kept me completely engaged from start to finish with nice use of different techniques. The completed vehicle is wonderfully done and the contrasting two sides of the vehicle work very well. The first side looks like a straightforward excavator which wouldn’t look out of place in a LEGO City set. The second side however is a distorted, yet charming, vehicle complete with rust, blades and weaponry – the perfect mode of transport for the troubled Harvey Dent. The finished vehicle is impressive and also more significant in size than I had anticipated and I am sure will pose a significant challenge to Batman and Gotham’s finest.

This is another quality addition to a theme which has been very consistent throughout. The set provides plenty of play value with the two great vehicles and excellent minifigures. The star of the set is Two-Face’s excavator which the designers have executed beautifully and makes we wonder what other two-faced vehicle combinations could be dreampt up…

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