The LEGO Group uses artificial intelligence powered adverts

IBM has supplied adverts that use artificial intelligence to the LEGO Group ahead of Black Friday.

Throughout the Christmas period, the LEGO Group will use artificial intelligence (AI) powered adverts supplied by IBM to help make recommendation to shoppers. All customers need to do is begin a conversation with the AI advert, and it will ask a few questions before making suggestions.

It makes the LEGO Group the first to use the new IBM product, IBM Watson Ads Omni. According to the press release, the adverts provide companies with “hyper-personalization at scale along with actionable insights”.
The adverts will know 35 different LEGO products, and allow the LEGO Group to tailor specific “personalised” responses to the specific questions asked by customers. According to the release from IBM, these adverts are “empowering the brand to have meaningful one-to-one conversations at scale with consumers wherever they may be in their path to purchase”.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to cut through the clutter and provide meaningful brand interactions for shoppers. We know that people are looking for guidance in selecting the right gifts for kids during the holidays, so we’re excited to provide a customized approach to gift selection using the new IBM Watson Ads Omni,” said Michael McNally, Senior Director Brand Relations LEGO Systems. “Using the tool, we will provide personalized gift giving solutions while showcasing all that the LEGO brand has to offer for children of any age, interest or building ability, and the reach and relevance that the platform enables make it a compelling opportunity for first movement, especially in the height of toy shopping season.”

Targeted adverts are a current trend in the advertising industry, although implementing the new concept is proving difficult, with 71% of brands only using generic marketing messages to their customers.

“Watson Ads Omni gives advertisers the flexibility and control they need to run campaigns,” said Carrie Seifer, vice president and CRO, IBM Watson Advertising. “Using the solution, brands and agencies, including LEGO Systems, have freedom to deploy fully-trained Watson Ads on any digital site—wherever their customers may be.”

LEGO sets are available to buy at, with or without the help of AI.


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