The LEGO Movie 2 included a uniquely chilling reference

Even the most eagle-eyed of builders may not have spotted every detail in The LEGO Movie 2, as the feature contained a perfectly normal porta-potty for the brick-built apocalypse

The days of The LEGO Movie 2 may be well behind us, but more of the faces behind the film have come forward to share a few secrets and Easter eggs that builders might otherwise have never known.

Mark Theriault, VFX Artist, now joins that crew with a peek at a set piece used within the movie. Such elements are usually used to bring some additional life and colour to the scene, but not distract from the characters movements. In usual cinematic productions, recreating them at home might be a particularly difficult task but thankfully, it’s exactly what LEGO is designed to do.

As revealed by Mark, it turns out the fate of 70804 Ice Cream Machine in the sequel wasn’t to deliver delicious frozen treats to the warriors and scavengers of Apocalypseburg but to instead assist with their waste. Such a touching model simply had to be recreated in physical bricks.

The colourful model has been set aflame and tipped on its side as the inside has been converted into a portable toilet, which unfortunately has likely made any remaining ice cream more than a little unsafe to eat. The large brick built cone can be seen melting at the side, indicating that this display element was actually edible, we wonder if any minifigures ever tried ordering the massive concoction?

Although the future of LEGO movies are somewhat unclear with the latest information suggesting that a Fast and The Furious spinoff might be in the works, it’s comforting to see even more details of the classic productions being revealed. These include Director Chris Miller discussing their origins.

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