Three sets to get before LEGO ICONS 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle

LEGO ICONS 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle launches soon, but there’s still time to grab three medieval models and prepare the ultimate Castle display.

Revealed at LEGO CON 2022, 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle is one of the most nostalgic builds ever made for fans of the classic Castle theme, referencing the various factions and builds that made up the kingdom. It doesn’t launch until August 8, 2022, or August 3 for VIP members, but that might be a good thing.

Currently, a castle-themed GWP is available on the official online store until June 22. You could get the entirety of this list to qualify for the promotion and have these models ordered before the deal ends and 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle launches.

3 – 21325 Medieval Blacksmith

Coming from LEGO Ideas and fan designer Clemens Fiedler, 21325 Medieval Blacksmith acted as both a way to bring back the Black Falcons and realise the classic architecture of medieval buildings in bricks.


With a detailed build that incorporates brickwork, functions and a decorated interior, 21325 Medieval Blacksmith will look right at home next to 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle

2 – 31120 Medieval Castle

Those planning to purchase 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle in August 2022 will already have a detailed castle for the Lion Knights to call home. However, the Black Falcons also have a base in the form of Creator 3-in-1’s 31120 Medieval Castle.

This model could act as either a rival fortress to 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle or an expansion to the larger model. Alternatively, you could choose either the marketplace or tower as the two alternate builds, both of which could be an addition to 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle.

1 – 40567 Forest Hideout

You can’t purchase this 90th-anniversary LEGO set as 40567 Forest Hideout is the latest gift-with-purchase to be available on It’s the perfect accompany model to 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle as it too is inspired by an older model – 6054 Forestmen’s Hideout.

10305 Lion Knights’ Castle already includes a members of the forest faction and a similarly black tree referencing another nostalgic build, but getting this and the other three models will allow you to fully represent the Lion Knights, Black Falcons and Forestmen in a modern Castle display.

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