Ultimate Brick Safari coming to Knowsley Safari

Knowsley Safari will be hosting the Ultimate Brick Safari exhibit this summer, bringing 80 LEGO statues of animals to the zoological attraction.

Those planning to see some animals this summer way wish to consider Knowsley Safari, near Liverpool, UK. From July 20 until September 2, Ultimate Brick Safari will be on display at the attraction, featuring 80 life-sized LEGO animal sculptures.

The exhibition has been developed by Bright Bricks and travels to zoos around the world. It took over a million bricks to put the entire collection of animals together, with 270,000 used for the elephant. Bengal tigers, gorillas, lions and kangaroos are some of the other specifies included in the display.

Bright Bricks Brick Safari Zebra

A special contest will see those who complete a trail pack as they visit the walk through exhibit getting entered into a prize draw to win their own life sized brick built meerkat.

As well as walk through attractions, Knowsley Safari includes a 550-acre drive-through safari, with different zones that allow visitors to see animals up close. Lions, rhino, zebra, wildebeest and forest buffalo are just a few of the types of mammals visitors will find at the park.

Tickets to visit Knowsley Safari are available at the attraction’s website.

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