Vigilante Superhero Custom Minifigure review

Last week we reviewed the Arsenal super hero minifigure from United Bricks, today we take a look at their Vigilante minifigure aka the Green Arrow. This is based on the Arrow character from the tv show, which airs on a Wednesday night at 8pm 😉 Today I take a look at the minifigure in closer detail. I mentioned last week I was a fan of the TV show and glad that a UK company has created the main character in LEGO form.

Official Description

Billionaire businessman by day, masked Vigilante by night. This superhero knows no bounds as he tears through the city fighting crime with his bow and arrow.

Printed using the highest method of printing technology on brand new LEGO elements this minifigure is bound to stand out from the crowd. We have pulled out all the stops to bring this iconic character to life and even included a bow.


Priced at £11.99 it isn’t going to break the bank and when you compare it to over 3rd party custom minifigures it’s a decent price. As printing on minifigures continues to improve at a dramatic rate, 3rd party printers are really having to up their game. A few years back LEGO were playing second fiddle to the custom market but since last year they’ve caught up. We are now seeing regular minifigures with arm printing and sides/back of the legs printed. This is a good thing for us as it means the minifigures are getting better and better.


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United Bricks are usually known for their military minifigures but with their first two super hero minifigures they certainly have the tools and attention to detail to give other companies and LEGO a run for their money. The Vigilante minifigure is highly detailed, he comes with a black bow and a set of arrows in a back pack attachment that fits on the neck, similar to those found on the old forestmen minifigures. He comes with a green hood, it is the same type of hood that is found on the little red riding hood collectable minifigure bur in dark green. His face comes with stubble, and eye mask to protect his identity, the detailing on the head is excellent. His body/legs are both dark green with black/white printing that flows excellently from torso to legs. The printing is based on the tv shows leather jacket and comes complete with arrows printed on the arm. A strap across the chest with weapons on. His legs have printed black boots plus on his right side has printed holdall with arrows in. I think this is excellent and really captures the shows character.  Out of all the versions of the Green Arrow in LEGO including the official Comic Con one this is head and shoulders the best of them. I had my reservations but boy I really do hope United Bricks expand the line to include over characters from the hit show!

You can grab this today for £11.99 from United Bricks 


Disclaimer: All our reviews are our own personal views, thanks to the United Bricks for providing us with this minifigure to review.


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    Looks great, nice work United Bricks.


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