WATCH: LEGO Icons 40646 Daffodils is perfect for army-building

Thanks to some ingenious part usage, an amazing army-building set has been found in the strangest of places – the Botanical Collection. 

You probably weren’t expecting it, but it turns out that 40646 Daffodils is a surprisingly good source of yellow and white shields, perfect for two factions of LEGO warriors. That’s the topic of our latest YouTube and TikTok video too, in case you want to take a closer look at the upcoming fauna recreation. 

Launching just in time for spring 2023, 40646 Daffodils is the least expensive of the LEGO Botanical Collection by far at just £10.99 / $12.99 / €12.99 with 216 pieces. 24 of those bricks are the shields with 12 white and yellow shields each. 


These LEGO daffodils are a gift to army builders


? original sound – brickfanatics

While you wait for the release of 40646 Daffodils, we’ve got plenty of LEGO videos on both YouTube and TikTok to tune in to and we’d appreciate a follow or subscription on each platform to help support the work we do too. 

Provided you don’t need an extra 24 LEGO shields, 40646 Daffodils have plenty to look forward to still as they can be combined with a vase and existing LEGO flower arrangements including 40460 Roses, 40461 Tulips, 40524 Sunflowers and the currently unrevealed 10313 Wildflower Bouquet

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YouTube video

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