WATCH: New LEGO Jurassic Park sets have weirdly great minifigures

Five new LEGO Jurassic Park sets have just been revealed in honour of the film’s 30th anniversary – and the minifigures are stand-out highlights.

While the sets are quite clearly aimed at younger builders, there are a number of pretty rare minifigures included in the sets that could be at risk of getting missed by older collectors. While LEGO sets should certainly cater to all ages, these minifigures are sure to be of interest to more serious collectors, who might not spot their rarity if they don’t look past the colourful packaging.

It’s no surprise that a 30-year anniversary is the perfect time to revisit and expand on beloved Jurassic Park characters, so make sure you don’t miss out on some of the minifigure highlights. We explored exactly what makes those minifigures so special in our latest TikTok video. Head over and give it a watch to find out more, and let us know which new minifigure is your favourite while you’re there.


New LEGO Jurassic Park sets have weirdly great minifigures

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