Wave 9 of LEGO Dimensions officially revealed

After almost 18 months since the list of rumoured LEGO Dimensions Year Two packs surfaced, and several months since they were confirmed, today Warner Bros. has finally revealed what the next batch of Dimensions packs will look like.

Teen Titans Go!, Beetlesjuice and the Powerpuff Girls expansion packs will all be available in the UK from September 15 and look like they will round off the second year with the fairly eclectic variety we’ve come to expect from LEGO Dimensions.


Teen Titans Go! will include a Team Pack containing Raven and Beast Boy, and a Fun Pack with Starfire.


Both packs come with 3-in-1 extra builds including the T-Car, T-Robot and Book of Azarath, and will also include access to an exclusive cartoon explaining how the gang managed to land themselves in a LEGO multiverse.


Powerpuff Girls will also include both a Team Pack and a Fun Pack making sure you can get your hands on all three of the pint-sized female superheroes; Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup.


They will include a 3-in-1 Octi, and PPG Smartphone with the Fun Pack containing a Mega Blast Bot.


Last, but certainly not least is the slightly more gothic and, frankly, unexpected-yet-totally-awesome Beetlejuice. He comes in just the one Fun Pack along with a Saturn’s Sandworm 3-in-1 build.

Will you be rushing out to get them and is this really the end of Dimensions, or do you think the LEGO Group has more ahead?


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