Which Batman could the rumoured LEGO Batcave be based on?

A massive LEGO Batcave build is rumoured for summer 2023 and Batman has plenty of depictions that could inspire it. 

Batman’s publication history is rife with different versions of the Caped Crusader, most of which have a Batcave to accompany them. From film to TV to comics, there are a lot of different designs for the iconic headquarters. 

With the rumour of a nearly 4,000-piece LEGO Batcave in summer 2023, the question of which era of Batman it could be based on remains. As always, the report has not been officially confirmed and all rumoured information should be taken with caution until officially announced otherwise by the LEGO Group. 

The reported set is rumoured to release on June 5, 11 days before the upcoming The Flash movie which will bring back Michael Keaton’s Batman and his Batcave. 


Image: DC Studios

The rumoured release times well with the movie and given that it has been known that the 1989 Batman would return in The Flash for a few years, the LEGO Group’s designers may have had time to recreate the 1989 Batcave in time for its release. 

A massive 1989 LEGO Batcave could also time well with some of the other LEGO DC sets rumoured for 2023. A Batmobile and Batwing based on the 1989 Batman era are reportedly on the way on May 1 and August 1 respectively. 

Every rumoured LEGO DC set for summer 2023 

Rumoured set Price Pieces Release date 
76224 1989 Batmobile (Flash set) $45 438 May 1, 2023 
76252 Batcave $449.99 3,981 pieces  June 5, 2023
76259 Batman Buildable Figure $35 275 TBD 
76263 TBD 66 TBD 
76264 4+ Batmobile? $25 54 August 2023 
76265 1989 Batwing $35 357 August 2023 
76266 $100 794 August 2023 

Launching these near the release of a huge LEGO Batcave could mean that more of the piece count could go towards the Batcave rather than additional vehicles, with the option to add the Batwing and Batmobile thanks to separate sets. 

Considering the rumoured 3,981-piece count and reports of it being fully enclosed, opting to put every brick possible towards the Batcave could be wise. 

Alternatively, focusing on any film era of Batman may limit the minifigure potential in 76252. Opting to base a big Batcave build on the comics or a looser interpretation of the Caped Crusader instead could allow for all kinds of villains from Batman’s rogues’ gallery, instead of just the Joker. 

With the slower release schedule for DC, both in LEGO sets and film, as of late, rumours of a huge Batcave build and a full return for the range in summer 2022 may be a welcome sign for DC and Batman enthusiasts. 

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