Which works of art should join the LEGO Group’s growing gallery?

The LEGO Group has announced that an upcoming Ideas set will pay homage to Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night painting, but there are plenty of other artworks that would prove a masterpiece in LEGO form.

The future LEGO Ideas The Starry Night set marks new territory for the LEGO Group, the world of famous art. Yes, The LEGO Group now has the new LEGO Art theme, but so far it has been limited to brands rather than reimagining pre-existing works.

The Starry Night set, which is one of the most recent winners of a LEGO Ideas review, is based on one of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings of the same name, and even with the knowledge of this being a fan-supported LEGO Ideas set, there are so many more artworks that could be transformed into unique LEGO builds.

Image: Wikipedia

One idea is to focus on perhaps the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Rather than reuse the building techniques from the LEGO Ideas model, in which pieces are layered and angled to capture the unique style of the artwork, the build could instead use a minifigure to portray the woman in the painting, creating a 3D effect with a layered background and frame, perhaps even a small facade that pictures the painting at its home in The Louvre museum.


Continuing with the idea of making each build unique, another good artwork for this gallery of sets could be the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo. This stunning art stretches across the entire ceiling of the chapel and would certainly warrant a larger set. It’s not hard to imagine the build being made of curved 1×1 tiles pieces in a mosaic-like pattern. A twist could be that it bends at the corners using hinge pieces, forming the shape of the ceiling. It could even be displayed upside down on a stand, making it easier to view, perhaps with some exterior detailing for the outside of the chapel.

Image: Creative Commons

These are just a couple of many works of art from around the world that the LEGO Group could tackle next, should the upcoming Ideas set prove a success of course. Hopefully, the world of LEGO Art can expand beyond characters to recognise these cultural icons, as it has with the new model depicting the Hogwarts Crests. Perhaps one day, this can be joined by other

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