You probably don’t own this colour of LEGO Classic Space astronaut

LEGO Classic Space astronauts come in almost a full rainbow of colours now, but there’s one variant you probably don’t own.

Thanks to this year’s 71037 Series 24 Collectible Minifigures, LEGO astronauts are now available in (deep breath) red, blue, white, yellow, black, green, pink, light grey, orange, purple and brown flavours. Some of those (like purple and grey) require piecing together a full minifigure from various different sources, while the green minifigure – found in 21109 Exo Suit – uses a modern racing helmet.

But while some of the current colours are therefore rarer than others, there’s one we feel confident in saying you don’t own: light yellow, or – to give it its more technical term – sun-bleached. Redditor tua_mae_kkkk posted an image of their unique LEGO Classic Space astronaut to the r/lego subreddit, which has clearly channelled Icarus in flying too close to the sun (for too long a duration).

REDDIT LEGO Classic Space astronaut yellow sun bleached
Image: tua_mae_kkkk

You too can achieve this effect (and unofficially expand your Classic Space collection) by leaving your white LEGO astronaut out in the sun for a number of days, months or maybe even years. The collector behind this freakish experiment has ‘no idea’ how long they left theirs out, but notes they haven’t swapped out the hands, which have remained mysteriously white.

Curiously, the resulting colour isn’t too far off the LEGO Group’s own cool yellow hue – so if nothing else, this just makes us want more subtle shades of spacefarers. Sand green, medium azure, dark red – we’ll take them all, thanks. If you want to grow your own collection without damaging a minifigure, LEGO Classic Space astronauts are currently available on shelves in 10497 Galaxy Explorer (red and white) and 71037 Series 24 (brown).

LEGO 71032 Purple Classic Space Minifigure Collectible Minifigures Series 22 4

You’ll also find the helmet and air tanks required for a purple astronaut in 80111 Lunar New Year Parade, though you’ll need to scour the aftermarket for the rest of the necessary pieces. Or you can try grabbing a complete minifigure from the aftermarket, but it’s probably going to cost you a pretty penny

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