18+ LEGO Disney set rumoured for 2023

Rumours for another LEGO Disney set in 2023 have surfaced online, indicating the presence of an 18+ creation in time for the 100th anniversary.

Following on from the previous reports of rumoured LEGO Disney 2023 sets, some of which have since been officially confirmed, one more is being reported for a release in 2023 with the 18+ branding. 

According to Lego_minecraft_goat on Instagram, 43230 will be an 18+ Disney animation model coming in 2023, but nothing more is rumoured in the post, including a possible price. A potential older target audience could mean a bigger, more complicated build as seen in other sets with a similar rating. 

With the 100th anniversary of Disney next year, it seems likely that the LEGO Group will find at least some way to celebrate the event in their product portfolio for the year. Nothing has been confirmed at this time but rumours previously reported another huge creation that could be a second LEGO Disney castle.  


In the case of this source, they are still new and as such don’t have a credible reputation currently, so take these reports (like all LEGO rumours) with a pinch of salt just in case they turn out to be false or otherwise inaccurate. 

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