40290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick exclusive set coming

A new commemorative set, 40290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick, has been revealed on the January 2018 LEGO Store calendar.

Brickset has access to an early copy of the LEGO Store Calendar for January 2018, showing 40290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick. The exclusive set will be free for US LEGO Store customers spending $125 or more during the promotional period. Presumably it will be available around the world with varying price thresholds depending on local currencies.


The set includes micro scale versions of four classic LEGO sets – 6399 Airport Shuttle, 375 Castle, 6285 Black Seas Barracuda and 928 Space Cruiser And Moonbase. It is very reminiscent of a LEGO build that LEGO MASTERS winners Steve Guinness and Nate Dias created, that was published in Blocks magazine Issue 34.

40290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick will be available from shop.LEGO.com USA from January 2018.



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