A new university course is using LEGO to shape the future of smart cities

A new university course offered by Birmingham City University is among the first in the world to use LEGO in its teachings of smart city development.

The new, short university course titled ‘Co-developing a real Smart City: planning for future of living’ will offer partakers a chance to learn how smart cities are developed, all using LEGO Serious Play

LEGO Serious Play may not be a theme too familiar with most fans, with it mostly aimed towards companies wanting to inspire creativity in their workforce or use LEGO in a non-commercial way to educate them in a specific field.

LEGO Serious play starter kit contents

The new course focuses on the latter half of that, teaching participants how different parts of a smart city can interact with each other to improve the personal and professional lives of its citizens. The workshop is aimed towards city planners, metropolitan mayors, city councillors and other related disciplines.

The course will be taught by Dr Vahid Javidroozi, a Senior Research Fellow at Birmingham City University’s School of Computing and Digital Technology and will last for one to five days when it launches in May of this year.

It’s exciting to see that LEGO is being used on such professional levels to help shape the future of cities, something that has already been offered to much younger participants.

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Featured Image: mrgarethm via Wiki Creative Commons

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