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Ambassador Network,  Kari from
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Digital Games who is working on the game LEGO Worlds has gotten in touch with the fan community. She would very much appreciate any help from you with the questions below. You’re welcome to answer in this article directly or you can email me you answers to [email protected] and I will forward all of the answers on to Kari.

This is what Kari said and asked;

“Soooo… after running the LEGO Worlds Rebrick contest, and for me to basically understand the digital building experience/community a bit better, I hope it’s okay that I share some questions here.. I am Kari, and I work as the Marketing Lead on LEGO® Worlds on the LEGO side of things.

Digital Tools
It’s my assumption that Fans use CAD tools to:

  • Build without constraints of having enough physical LEGO bricks
  • Use to prototype a picture you then build as a physical model
  • Create building instructions to share
  • Create some of the most compelling presentations on LEGO

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Correct me if I am wrong, and please speak out what you use it for, everything is appreciated. I am especially also curious around the process of using digital building.


  • Are there other reasons why you build digitally?
  • Where and how in the process do you use digital building – beginning, end or all the way through?

I like to build in LEGO Worlds… especially after we have updated the UI so I can use my controller in a more efficient way. I know there are many platforms out there… LDD (which is our own platform), LDraw etc.


  • What platforms do you use?
  • What pro/cons do the platforms have?

Gaming And Building
I know Worlds is a gaming experience but I see this as huge opportunity to create wonderful Worlds, not just models, where there are no brick limits. I might be wrong, I have also worked on the game for quite some time now so might be a bit biased.


  • How do you feel about LEGO Worlds?
  • Would you still imagine you will be building models in other digital tools and importing them or build them in game?

Community and Digital Building.
I have looked but can’t seem to find a community group that is centered around digital building. It might be that the need has never been there, but seeing how digital becomes bigger and bigger I could imagine a digital building community.


  • Has there never been a need for a community like this?
  • Is it not as exciting as physical building?
  • Haven’t you had the right LEGO digital experiences to connect on?

Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions! I would like to go into a deeper dialogue with some passionate digital builders – so if you’re interested in a further dialogue on this or know anyone who is, please just let me know.


So please answers the questions as you could help shape the future of digital building for all of us!


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