Agent Coulson and Lola rumoured for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Forum members at Eurobricks are discussing a tantalising rumour about a set that may be released in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes line next year, in addition to the officially announced Mighty Micros and Hulk vs Red Hulk.

The Brick Fan reports:

The rumor mill is in full swing over on the Eurobricks Marvel topic about an upcoming LEGO 2017 set. Just2Good has “confirmed” that we’ll be getting a set next year featuring Agent Coulson and his car Lola. Other known reporters like amazingbricks and Sir Gareth have chimed in and said the set will also include Iron Man as well as Detroit Steel with the latter being a bigfig.

Thanks to exposure in the Agents of Shield TV series, Agent Coulson’s unique vehicle is now relatively well known outside of the hardcore fan base, making this a fairly plausible suggestion. As with all rumours for the 2017 product range, until it is announced by the LEGO Group it remains conjecture.



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