Almost all the slots for BrickLink Designer Program LEGO sets are full

The fourth slot of funding for the BrickLink Designer Program is full, leaving two

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sets battling it out for the final place.

is the next
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model to make it past 3,000 pre-orders, securing its future as an actual
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set. Just five of the six builds on offer will be made into real-life, limited edition models, only available to the maximum 5,000 people backing them at this round of crowdfunding.

The miniature planes in this set were designed to pay homage to the history of human flight, showcasing different types of aircraft from the early days of flying. The design cleverly uses forced perspective to give the illusion of depth and height, making this small build seem more dynamic than you might think.

follows 910001 The Castle in the Forest, 910010 The Great Fishing Boat, and 910016 Sheriff’s Safe in the post-3,000 order zone, with the first two already sold out as well. Move fast if you want to snag any of the remaining four, especially if your favourite hasn’t yet made it to 3,000 backers.

Check out all the other six BrickLink Designer Program sets in this first of three crowdfunding rounds:

910007 BIONICLE Legends
910001 The Castle in the Forest
910010 The Great Fishing Boat
910017 Kakapo
910025 Particle Accelerator 
910016 Sheriff’s Safe 

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