Several LEGO Technic models rumoured for 2022

In the wash of a flood of alleged news, LEGO Technic sets of all sizes to suit every budget are rumoured to be on their way in 2022.

Instagram user bricksmelody shared set names and numbers for nine LEGO Technic models in a recent post. They start small with 42132 Monster Truck, a build of 139 bricks selling for $9.99. 42133 Compact Excavator is the next size up, at 203 pieces and retailing for $14.99.

Two models will supposedly cost $19.99, with the 266-brick 42134 Pull-back Hot Rod and 269-piece 42135 Pull-back GoKart. 42136 Racing Water Scooter takes to the water in a build of 467 elements and selling for $29.99.

42137 Backhoe Loader should sell for $59.99 and contain 893 pieces and 42139 Licensed Tractor will likely sell for almost double that, at $119.99 for 1286 bricks.

There are a further two sets with names still to be confirmed, but 42138 is rumoured to retail at $69.99 and contain 726 bricks, while 42140 could be the most expensive within this wave, at $129.99 for 398 pieces. That last one seems like a hefty price for such a small piece count, so we’ll have to keep an eye on how it develops as official information comes out.

As always, until there’s formal confirmation from the LEGO Group, take these rumours with a pinch of salt.

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