An update for the LEGO BrickLink Designer Program is coming next week

Builders who have found themselves frustrated by the first round of the BrickLink Designer Program will want to know that the team will be delivering an update on the service soon.

As announced on the BrickLink Facebook page via a statement, the team at the platform are aware of the issues that have been affecting some builders being able to order their chosen models from the first round, including the presence of scalpers selling off the sets for a high price already and up to five of any single project able to be ordered.

The statement reads “We’ve read your comments and frustrations, and we hear you! Please stay tuned for an update next week.”

We’ll of course let you know as soon as whatever this update happens to be is revealed, with the possibilities of more sets being available to order potentially on the cards. We doubt that other projects would be moved into production though, but instead that they would simply expand the stock available for the sets currently in production.

As of this morning, only one set is still available to order as part of the first round of the program, but there are still 39 days to go until the phase is over. The team at BrickLink undoubtedly expected the stock to last a lot longer.

For those unfamiliar with how the BrickLink Designer Program works, five projects out of seven models were made available to pre-order via the platform, but only the first five to reach 3,000 orders would become real sets. On top of that only 5,000 maximum pre-orders were allowed per build. We’ll have to see what changes, if any, affect this and future crowdfunding rounds.

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