Are LEGO set prices to increase due to brexit?

According to daily UK national The Sun, LEGO set prices are set to increase by 5% in 2017.

The source of the story seems a screenshot of a letter, as seen in the tweet below. The image has been communicated to a number of outlets in the past week. Presumably The Sun has been able to confirm the letter’s veracity, as the assessment of Brick Fanatics is that the letter is unlikely to be genuine.

The letter describes across the board price increases of 5% on the LEGO range, due to ‘the pound devaluing by approximately 20%’.

The Sun states that:

It means that a Star Wars Lego Death Star set currently prices at £399 will go up by £20  next year. While the Doctor Who Lego set will rise by £2.49 from £49.99 to £52.48.

The information contained within contradicts other reports obtained by Brick Fanatics indicating that prices on sets of £39.99 and lower will hold, while sets over that price threshold will see an increase.

The Brick Fanatics team will continue to monitor this story.





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