Bereaved mother seeking LEGO donations to decorate son’s grave

A grieving mother is seeking LEGO donations to bring a brighter touch to her baby son’s grave.

The Telegraph & Argus reports that Emma Peart is looking to decorate the grave of her son by building a LEGO wall around his grave. Her son died at six months old from Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, tragically suffering from the most severe strand of the condition, and liver cancer.

Miss Peart said: “I just want his graveside to be perfect and different from the rest.

“Even though he was only six months old, I wanted it to suit what I thought his personality would be like, and I wanted it to be brighter and more babyish.”


Miss Peart is aiming to build three Lego walls around the grave, and has already made a start and managed to build one wall.

The bereaved mother is now looking for donations of LEGO bricks to help her complete the wall.

Mrs Peart said she had contacted Lego asking for help with the project.

To donate, please call Tess Peart on 07941 386874.



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