Blocks lifted on suspected LEGO resellers

The LEGO direct retail department is lifting all blocks on those suspected of reselling LEGO sets.

Back in the summer of 2017, LEGO CEO (at the time) Bali Padda said of people reselling LEGO sets: “That’s up to the individual. If you start making judgements on these sorts of things, it’s very wrong for us.” Of course, that was long before the LEGO Group aquired Bricklink.

With his comment and the Bricklink aquisition, it seem contradictory that some LEGO customers were being flagged as ‘resellers’ and blocked from buying at and LEGO Stores.

The LEGO AFOL Engagement Team has now announced that they can share the news that no customers will be blocked as ‘resellers’ any longer. All previous reselling blocks should have been lifted, and anyone who wishes for it to be looked into can contact customer services.

It is noted in the announcement that blocks may exist for other reasons, and such blocks are not affected by this change.

For those who have been impacted by the reselling blocks, it seems they can now purchase as many LEGO sets as their storage solutions and wallets can handle.

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