Brick Fanatics LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar – December 13

Brick Fanatics once more presents 24 exclusive builds from a galaxy far, fay away for you this December. Day by day, please enjoy our Unofficial LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar…

December 13 – Phantom II

There was a wonderful shot in Season Three of Star Wars Rebels featuring the Phantom II flying away into an orange sky and its curving lines and colours just looked amazing – that shot inspired this LEGO microscale model.

It is a curvy, colourful ship which means a micro version cannot capture every detail, so a build needs to focus on key features. There are several changes of direction and stud alignment to capture the shape but some details have had to be omitted so prevent it becoming too hectic.

The ship is a modified version of the Trade Federation shuttle seen in the prequel trilogy, with a recolour and some small changes (a front fin section for example), this design could easily be adapted to be part of the Separatist fleet.

One day I plan a midi-sized version of the ship with more detail and more of those tricky curves but that would not fit into an advent calendar!

More of Tim’s work can be found on his Flickr profile under the alias Rogue Bantha.

Meanwhile, you can support Brick Fanatics’ work by purchasing your many LEGO Star Wars sets through our affiliate link here. Thank you!

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