Brick Pic of the Day: 21 July 16


Image: Stephle59

With the recent unveiling of the official

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Castle due out in September, it seemed appropriate to highlight what builders have been doing long before such a model was even in our sights. Not to mention this one is in pink making the colour scheme really pop. This incredible MOC was based on the Disneyland Paris castle and reaches the lofty height of about 1 metre! There are so many intricate details to absorb – I personally rather enjoyed the Superman flying around one of the turrets.

It’s also worth mentioning here that on July 17th (only a few days ago) in 1955 (quite a few years ago) the very first Disneyland opened in Anaheim, California.

Check out additional photos of this model and more from Stephle59 here.

Are you a great

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photographer? Have you built an impressive MOC? E-mail [email protected] to get your image featured as the Brick Pic of the Day.


Hello, I'm Séb, your friendly neighbourhood AFOL. As a child, Lego was always my favourite toy and now as an adult it appears nothing has changed. I emerged from my dark ages in 2011 after rediscovering my old sets in my parents' attic and haven't looked back since. I'm a big fan of the licensed themes particularly DC/Marvel Superheroes & Lord Of The Rings, though Creator Expert provides the more challenging & technical build I'm rather fond of.

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