The BrickLink Designer Program is coming back permanently

It looks like the first BrickLink Designer Program was a success as a series of events to propose future LEGO sets has been announced. 

The first in a series of BrickLink Designer Programs is coming starting in 2023 with the platform adding the program as a permanent feature. 

The first BrickLink Designer Program started in 2021 and was held throughout 2022 with 15 previously rejected LEGO Ideas projects becoming real sets, but only available to those who pre-ordered and crowdfunded them. 

However, Series 1 isn’t following exactly the same guidelines, dropping the chance to bring back LEGO Ideas submissions and opting for original designs instead. Until February 2023 you can designa model of your own ready to submit it to the webpage and it may have a chance at finding its way into your home.  

The full timetable for this program is pictured below in a helpful diagram but in short, the submission period opens on February 1.  

LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 timetable

From then on March 7, a crowd vote will determine will assist in a review to determine which designs are most suitable for sets. Come May 2023, five projects will be announced for the usual crowdfunding process. 

It won’t be exactly the same in February 2024 though with all sets that receive over 3,000 pre-orders being produced up to a maximum of 20,000 of each set during a limited, one-time production run. 

That should give you plenty of opportunity to pick up every design, as long as they don’t sell out too fast. 

Rounding out Series 1 in Summer or Autumn 2024, the sets will be shipped and we’ll move on to the next series as this is a permanent addition to BrickLink. Whether or not each series will lead to five sets is not confirmed but seems likely given the format during the first BrickLink Designer Program.

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