Bricklink’s AFOL Designer Program opens for LEGO build submissions

Fans can now submit their LEGO designs to become a Bricklink set as part of a new crowdfunding scheme.

Last week, the third party selling platform Bricklink announced the AFOL Designer Program, a crowdfunding scheme that intends to produce sets using LEGO bricks based on fan designs. Each successful design will be released as a “limited edition box set” and the designer will receive 10% of the total sale revenues.

The LEGO Group are involved with the scheme, despite not producing the sets that come out of the process. According to the small print, “a celebrated LEGO designer with unique expertise and a historical understanding of the LEGO system will supervise the evaluation process.”

In February 2019, the finalists will have their brick set designs published on a crowdsourcing platform. Potential buyers will be able to pre-order copies of those designs, and those that reach the target fundraising goal will be produced as limited edition 60 Year Anniversary sets, shipping in 2019. These will not be official LEGO sets, they will be Bricklink products that will presumably use official LEGO elements. Successful participants will receive 10% of total sales for their design.

Submissions will be accepted from September 18, and must be submitted by November 18. For more details and all of the key information, visit the AFOL Designer Program page at Bricklink.


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