Celebrate Christmas with the LEGO Great Ball Contraption

What better way is there to celebrate the holidays than with this festive LEGO Great Ball Contraption module?

RJ BrickBuilds has produced another module for the Great Ball Contraption, with a festive, and literal twist. The creation has been shown off in a video posted on YouTube.

The Christmas Tree GBC module is another addition to the Great Ball Contraption, and it’s unsurprisingly perfect for the holiday season. The mechanism resembles a Christmas tree with a spiralled ramp that increases in size the further down it goes.

For the yellow balls to travel down the ramp, they must first be transported up a candy-cane-coloured lift in the middle, where a LEGO tube spins them around and upwards. To top it all off, sitting above the mechanism is a yellow star that spins around with the rest of the mechanism, a fitting addition to this functional model.

The Great Ball Contraption is a collection of LEGO creations made by fans around the world that can be slotted together in many ways. The aim is to deliver balls from one module to the next and the contraption frequently makes an appearance at LEGO fan events.

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