Children build LEGO wheelchair ramp for their dad

A brother and sister in Houston are building a LEGO wheelchair ramp to help their father.

 Rachelle Khalaf’s children have taken on an ambitious lockdown project – building a LEGO wheelchair ramp for their father. Diagnosed with MS in 2008, Khalad’s husband uses a wheelchair.

After encouraging her children to tidy up their toys, including the many LEGO bricks, Rachelle suggested to her family that they build a LEGO ramp. “As they were cleaning that area up, I began looking into what we would need to build a LEGO wheelchair ramp and we ordered some LEGO plates – large, square, flat pieces. And so began the journey to build a LEGO wheelchair ramp – and we’re so close,” she writes on her blog.

Social media users have helped by donating bricks after the family quickly ran out of the type they needed They are currently on their third rebuild, just a few hundred bricks away from completion.

Once the ramp is finished, the family plan to build another for a neighbour.

” Despite the fact that we had eleventimillion pieces, we’ve still needed to get additional pieces to help with the project. Once our prototype is complete, we’re going to decide whether we want to glue the pieces down or if we’ll have it cast in Epoxy,” Rachelle writes.

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