Chris Stapleton explains Chris Pratt’s cameo in his LEGO music video

Following the unveiling of his new LEGO music video, country music star Chris Stapleton has talked about its production, including the Chris Pratt cameo.

Chris Stapleton’s newest single, Second One to Know, has an animated music video featuring LEGO minifigures and bricks. The animation features his band playing, until they are interrupted and have to build a response to keep the show going.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer has explained how the concept got off the ground.

“Well, I grew up playing with LEGOs as a kid, but my kids like LEGOs, too, so I was trying to dream up a video for this song — and this all started like three years ago, mind you. This song always sounded like a fight scene to me, and I was like ‘Well, what could we do?’,” Stapleton says in the interview. “I went through some iterations in my brain, like ‘Do we hire Steven Seagal or something like that?’ I’m not sure if one of the LEGO movies was out at the time or what, but I always like to swing for the fences idea-wise and was like, ‘Well, what if we just call the LEGO people and see if they would make us into LEGOs?’ Then it turned into something crazy.”

It took two years to get the video completed, with all of the relevant approvals that anything LEGO related has to go through. But one approval came easily, as Stapleton is friends with The LEGO Movie star Chris Pratt, who features in the video as the rowdy fan who is ejected from the concert.

“It was really another one of those discussions like, ‘Who can we get to be this guy?’, and he was the obvious choice. I love what he does so much and he’s so good at those kind of things — I mean he already existed in that universe — so it seemed natural. I just called him and asked him to do it, and he did it in an afternoon on his phone.”

Pratt’s inclusion is not the only Easter Egg in the animation, with references to Stapleton’s back catalogue, including the song Up to No Good Livin’ specifically the line “People call me the Picasso of painting the town.” “There’s a scene with a guy painting a tiny Picasso-ized version of me,” he reveals in the interview. “It’s great. They throw some ninjas into the merch booth and fall over, and right there is a guy painting a Picasso of me — that cracks me up. There are tons of things like that if you wanna look for them.”

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