Clone brands selling on Amazon ahead of Christmas

With the Christmas shopping season in full swing and Black Friday approaching, clone brands are sitting alongside authentic LEGO sets on Amazon.

Among many other business interests, Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers and is supplied directly by the LEGO Group. Despite that, the company is allowing third party sellers to sell clone brand products via the retail platform.

clone brands Amazon

There are a number of examples; the DSXX brand botanical gardens model is sold by daishuxinxifuwu and the Tenger branded Romantic Restaurant is sold by Tenger Management (UK) Limited. VATOS Ice Cream Truck is sold by fun-land-play, with Amazon taking care of the stock in the company’s warehouse.

While none of those products are copies of actual LEGO sets, a quick look at the elements within shows more than just generic building blocks; specific LEGO pieces have been copied very precisely.

These two Police Station toys, one VIPO branded sold by yuanqianshiye and one VDFG branded and sold by GuangZhouShiPanYuQuDaShiRanHaoYinShiDian are very similar to the those released in the LEGO City theme, even if there have been a few colour and configuration changes.

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