Coronavirus outbreak leads to Denmark closing schools and universities

Denmark, the country where the LEGO Group is based, is closing schools, universities and non-critical public sector offices to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Schools and universities will close in Denmark as public sector workers in non-critical jobs are sent home, as the country attempts so slow the spread of coronavirus. As of Wednesday, March 11, Denmark had 514 diagnosed cases, Bloomberg reports.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen confirmed that all schools and universities will close from Friday, with all day care facilities closing from Monday – it will have a knock-on effect as parents need to stay home from work for childcare.

“We’re in uncharted territory here,” she told an emergency press briefing. “We’ve never tried anything like this before.”

The LEGO Group is based in the rural town of Billund, where designers, managers and marketeers work from the company’s headquarters.

The Prime Minister suggested that private companies should allow employees to work from home. “All private-sector employers are encouraged to ensure that as many employees as possible are able to work from home,” Frederiksen said. “We need to limit activity in society as much as possible, without letting our society grind to a halt.”

The government will offer tax breaks to help companies impacted by the coronavirus.

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