Detective Bones is now in development at LEGO World Builder

LEGO World Builder may not be as active as LEGO Ideas but the concept generation platform has a new project in development – Detective Bones. 

Thought up by Peter Jurado as part of the second Pitch Fest, Detective Bones is now in development thanks to LEGO World Builder. As a reminder, LEGO World Builder does not determine future sets, but wider concepts that are applicable across the portfolio. So far, it has seen NINJAGO and Star Wars shorts release. 

Detective Bones is about a girl, Koriann, who gets lost in an alternate version of New York on Halloween Night. To get home in time for the midnight deadline, she teams up with a skeletal detective and his ghost dog. 

A selection of artwork for Detective Bones can be sourced via LEGO World Builder though the project’s main page has now been hidden to maintain some surprise. 


“Detective Bones started off as an Inktober sketch I did back in 2016,” shared Peter during an interview. “From there I continuously retooled the character. Scripts for a more serious webcomic, a gag manga, even as a supporting character in a television pitch. 

“Nothing really clicked until I challenged myself to put him in the world of LEGO. Now he can still help others but keep it light and comedic with the rest of the cast. This has also allowed me to add so many interesting elements, such as Brick Casting and fun new characters like Franky and The 52. 

“At his core, Bones has never been one to give up – and mixed with Koriann’s critical thinking skills, that’s very LEGO to me.” 

Detective Bones joins a holiday special and The Missing Piece as worlds currently being looked at by teams at the LEGO Group for future application. The Missing Piece was the winner of the first Pitch Fest

Featured image: LEGO World Builder

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