LEGO Batman Movie Reviews


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The LEGO Movie was a surprise hit in 2014, exceeding expectations when it came to the critical reaction and the box office. Multiple follow-up films were put into pre-production, as the notion of cinematic universes was very much in vogue at the time.   Chris McKay, who had served as Animation Director on the film, stepped up as the Director of The Batman Movie. This film would push Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman into the lead role and place him in Gotham City, while a direct sequel to The LEGO Movie would be developed separately.   Released in 2016, The LEGO Batman Movie managed to capture some of the original film’s charm while keeping the gags coming thick and fast. Fans of Batman lore were rewarded by plenty of deep cut characters and easter eggs, with the movie rattling through its plot at a breakneck pace. A talented cast, including Michael Cera as Robin and Zach Galifianakis as the Joker, helped bring the material to life. Critics liked the film and audiences turned out in slightly lower numbers than they had for The LEGO Movie.   As for the tie-in LEGO sets, there was a huge assortment to choose from. Many villain vehicles that barely appeared in the movie for just seconds were released as detailed models, as were many bat-vehicles. The original vehicle 70908 The Scuttler was successfully translated from the screen, while 70916 The Batwing remains the best LEGO version of the vehicle yet.   70904 Clayface Splat Attack also deserves an honourable mention, as a set that recreates a character who is entirely brick-built, managing to give him plenty of form and personality. More characters were made available in a Collectible Minifigures series, delving deep into the Rogues’ Gallery for inspiration.    Almost all of the sets in the theme offered detailed models that are far beyond what usually comes along in the regular LEGO DC theme, although the 3,444 piece 70922 The Joker Manor was an odd choice for the high price-tag release.    For fans of Batman, The LEGO Batman Movie is perhaps the ultimate love-letter to the character.