Ed Sheeran’s LEGO is about to go up for auction

Earlier this year, singer and celebrity AFOL Ed Sheeran donated more than 300 of his personal LEGO items to a charity shop in his hometown of Framlingham, Suffolk. Now, St. Elizabeth’s Hospice is preparing to auction off the models to raise money for Zest, a terminal illness charity.

Alongside other items including a guitar stand, clothing and his first record player, Sheeran donated a LEGO bust and LEGO BrickHeadz model – both self-portraits, and both built while on tour. We guess that’s just the natural consequence of being into LEGO while having the funds to do whatever you want with it.

Sheeran’s memorabilia is now on display at his old school, Thomas Mills High School. “Ed remains a close friend of the School and we are delighted to support him, Zest and St Elizabeth Hospice in the launch of this new and worthwhile venture,” Deputy Head Mark Wheeler told ITV. “This is a great opportunity for Ed enthusiasts and a fabulous way to support a local charity.”

If you’re a big fan of the “LEGO House” singer, then, you might want to keep close tabs on the auction. No date has been announced for it yet, but we have a feeling it’ll be pretty popular. After all, who wouldn’t want to own a giant LEGO Ed Sheeran head? Well, apart from Ed Sheeran himself, apparently.

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