Every LEGO Art set retiring in 2021 and beyond – September update

The first wave of LEGO Art sets are poised to retire by the end of 2021, but this year’s mosaics will persist all the way into 2023.

So far, seven different two-dimensional sets have launched under the LEGO Art banner. Among those are a variety of licensed images, characters and real people; replicas of real-life paintings; and the LEGO Group’s largest set of all time (by piece count).

It’s a wildly experimental theme for the company, and – for several of its products – one that offers a unique proposition in combining multiple copies of the same set for a bigger, alternative build. If you’ve been deliberating picking up extras of any of the first batch of LEGO Art mosaics, though, you’ll need to act fast: they’re all marked for retirement by the end of 2021.

That includes 31197 Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe (review)31198 The Beatles31199 Marvel Studios Iron Man (review) and 31200 Star Wars The Sith. The three Art sets that have launched in 2021 so far, however – including 31201 Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests, 31202 Disney’s Mickey Mouse (review) and 31203 World Map (review) – aren’t going anywhere for a while.

LEGO Art 31198 The Beatles 6

Here’s the full list of LEGO Art sets, organised by their current retirement date:

December 31, 2021
31197 Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe
31198 The Beatles
31199 Marvel Studios Iron Man
31200 Star Wars The Sith

December 31, 2023
31201 Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests
31202 Disney’s Mickey Mouse
31203 World Map

Remember, these dates are liable to change, and any one of these seven models could still be pulled forward or pushed back. For the latest update on every LEGO set retiring in 2021, click here, and keep an eye on Brick Fanatics for future changes to the list.

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