Every LEGO Ideas set currently in production – February 2022

A new round of LEGO Ideas sets has been announced, meaning it’s time to update the list of every model in the theme currently in production.

The LEGO Group’s line of fan-inspired sets will soon expand with two more additions following the announcement of the second 2021 review results.

There are currently nine models in development by the LEGO Ideas team with a mix of licensed, original and cultural works on offer. Each of these builds has been picked by the community and a panel of judges and will be transformed into an official set soon.

Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night 

LEGO Ideas Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night 4

The famous painting’s future LEGO build was announced as the only submission to succeed in the second 2020 review round and the fan concept depicts a 3D version of the stylised portrait, as well as a minifigure of the artist and a small painting.

Motorised Lighthouse

LEGO Ideas motorised lighthouse full

The LEGO Group knew that this would be a future set before it reached 10,000 votes. The Motorised Lighthouse takes the classic design of the structure and offers a feature to mirror the function of the real thing. This was part of the third 2020 review.

USS Cardboard

LEGO Ideas The Adventures of the USS Cardboard 4

Coming in at a smaller proposed size than the previous entries, the USS Cardboard from Ivan Guerrero is the result of a space contest to decide a future GWP and takes us back to the days of DIY spaceships in our bedroom as a small diorama of a childhood moment.

Ray the Castaway

LEGO Ideas Ray the Castaway

Another upcoming LEGO Ideas GWP is Ray the Castaway from a coastal competition. The contest asked for builds based on beaches and the ocean, though this minifigure isn’t quite on the holiday he might have been hoping for.

Foosball table

Foosball Table by Constructions by Donat

Donát Fehévári’s Foosball table was first revealed at LEGO CON 2021 and offers a life-sized version of the classic tabletop sports game with minifigures acting as spinning players and counters for keeping score.

Jazz Quartet

LEGO Jazz quartet ideas featured

As part of the first 2021 LEGO Ideas review, two projects were revealed to be in development including Jazz Quartet from Hsinwei Chi. This musical creation features brick-built minifigures posed in a performance of their latest song.

The Office

LEGO Ideas The office fan concept

Next in the first 2021 LEGO Ideas review was another upcoming sitcom set. The Office from Jaijai Lewis is one of the latest recreations of the show to be uploaded to LEGO Ideas and was the first to be approved by the LEGO Ideas team.

 A-Frame Cabin

LEGO Ideas A Frame Cabin

Finally reaching the new announcements, one of two models announced in the second 2021 review results was the A-Frame Cabin from Andrea Lattanzio, featuring a detailed build of a woodland home. However, another forest abode didn’t quite have the same luck in the review.

BTS “Dynamite”

LEGO Ideas BTS Disco 1

Joining the ranks of 31198 The Beatles, 31204 Elvis Presley “The King”, 40548 Spice Girls Tribute and more, the first LEGO set based on South Korean band BTS is now in development. Josh Bretz and Jacob’s BTS “Dynamite” recreates scenes from the music video of the same name with minifigures of every band member.

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2 thoughts on “Every LEGO Ideas set currently in production – February 2022

  • 24/02/2022 at 05:53

    Ha let’s make one of a Cadillac on an assembly line being put together by workers etc. ok enough already, I would like to do a lego set of a country fair. With the old time roller coaster with the wooden tracks an the famous bumper cars and trains plans hot dog stand cotton candy boo

  • 24/02/2022 at 05:43

    Hello great looking models. Ha what about making one of red fox sandford and son truck an all his junk in the yard an inside the house, better yet let’s make one fir Sesame Street the big bird an all.


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