Every new LEGO set available from July 1, 2022

It’s the first day of the month, so you know the drill: new LEGO sets abound, including a brand new addition to the Fairground Collection.

July is actually a comparatively quiet month for new LEGO sets, but there’s still at least one big heavy hitter to sink your teeth (and wallet) into – especially if you’re building your own LEGO theme park. Elsewhere this month, Disney and Ideas both bring new sets to the table, which you can check out below.

Don’t worry if none of these take your fancy, though: you’re bound to find something to buy next month, when brand new Star Wars, Marvel, Super Mario and LEGO ICONS drop – including 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle and 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum. For now, scroll down to find the three new sets launching today.

LEGO Disney

LEGO Disney 43205 Ultimate Adventure Castle featured

What if five Disney princesses went in on a castle together? That’s the premise behind 43205 Ultimate Adventure Castle, a sprawling set that includes mini-dolls Snow White, Rapunzel, Tiana, Moana and Ariel. Tiana and Snow White are comparatively rare characters in the Disney Princesses theme, and have commanded pretty high prices on the aftermarket up to this point…

43205 Ultimate Adventure Castle

LEGO ICONS / LEGO Creator Expert

LEGO 10303 Loop Coaster lifestyle 4 featured

Available for VIPs only (at least until July 5) is 10303 Loop Coaster, a gargantuan new ride that you’re going to need some serious space to put on display. It’ll absolutely be worth making room for, though, incorporating a novel double-loop into its yellow track – which also introduces two completely new track pieces.

10303 Loop Coaster

LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas 21334 Jazz Quartet lifestyle 1 featured

It’s been available to VIP members for a few days, but everyone else can now order the latest LEGO Ideas set, in the form of Hsinwei Chi’s 21334 Jazz Quartet. Complete with four brick-built musicians and their instruments, it’s one for jazz lovers first and foremost, but there are building techniques in there everyone can appreciate. 

21334 Jazz Quartet

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