Exclusive Arkham Inmate Penguin with new LEGO Batman Movie book

DK Books has shared a new The LEGO Batman Movie title that will come with an exclusive Arkham inmate Penguin minifigure.

The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Collection will be a must-buy for minifigure collectors, but also contains an expanded version of The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Guide book, alongside the The LEGO Batman Movie Ultimate Sticker Book. The recommended retail price is £14.99, and Amazon has it scheduled for release on September 28.


Here is the official description:

Get an exclusive The Penguin (Arkham Asylum) Minifigure and two exciting movie tie-in books together in a slipcase. Start off with an expanded edition of The LEGO® Batman Movie: The Essential Guide, which is the perfect companion to LEGO Batman’s first solo movie. Then create a reference book you will want to keep with a brand new The LEGO Batman Movie Ultimate Sticker Book and its range of engaging full-color stickers and captions focused on the villains of Gotham City.

Penguin will be the perfect addition to 70912 Arkham Asylum, which you can add extra cells to thanks to with the help of this handy Brick Fanatics guide.


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