Fallout gets a LEGO mash-up fan trailer

LEGO Fallout is the latest fan-made animation to be taking the internet by storm.

A lovingly created LEGO computer animated trailer for Fallout is doing the rounds, imagining what a LEGO Fallout game might look like. Just a little twist on the Fallout tagline allows creator Bearly Regal to give it the caption, “LEGO, LEGO never changes”. The post-apocalyptic world is present in all its eerie glory.

Fallout 76 is the latest game in the series. Many of the video games that fans dream of getting a LEGO mash-up version are a little too mature in content to associate with the Danish brand, but given the soon-to-launch LEGO Overwatch theme, anything is possible. The LEGO Group’s doors are as open to the video game world as they ever have been.

The animation uses the sandbox video game LEGO Worlds to create the incredible environment, with careful camera moves used for maximum impact. Post-production effects have of course been used too, although seemingly not to a great extent.

For those who missed it, Bearly Regal also did an excellent job with a LEGO re-imagining of Red Dead Redemption.

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