Xingbao launches LEGO Ideas style platform

Xingbao, a subsidiary of the company that owns knock-off LEGO manufacturer Lepin, has launched a platform seeking to ape LEGO Ideas.

The unimaginatively titled Xingbao Ideas is a new website from Xingbao, a company that produces construction toys using the designs of prominent AFOLs. The entire concept of the site seems very similar to LEGO Ideas, allowing the public to upload designs that may one day enter production. Xingbao works with talented LEGO fans to produce their builds as construction sets, but infringes on several major IPs in the process.

Additionally, Xingbao is owned by Meizi Model, the group that owns Lepin – the company that produces inferior copies of actual LEGO sets, currently in a legal dispute as the LEGO Group attempts to put a stop to the design theft.


The Xingbao Ideas website is very bare bones, with little clarity on exactly what the structure is and how fans see their designs succeed. ‘Deal Done’ and ‘Ranking’ tabs make it clear that this is based on the LEGO Ideas concept, showing that the people behind Xingbao and Lepin are taking more than just LEGO designs and artwork.

LEGO was recently recognised as a well known brand in China, news that is expected to help the legal case against Lepin.

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