First LEGO Ideas 2022 review kicks off with LEGO Castle Forestmen build

The first LEGO Ideas project to qualify for the initial 2022 review is attempting to bring Castle’s Forestmen back to the fore.

At this point, LEGO Ideas and Castle are practically inseparable, even with last year’s celebrated launch of 21325 Medieval Blacksmith. Countless Castle-related projects have racked up 10,000 votes over the past couple of years, while 910001 The Castle in the Forest almost instantly sold out in the BrickLink Designer Program last summer.

There’s clearly an appetite among LEGO fans for more than just 31120 Medieval Castle, a conclusion now borne out once again by Roberto Ceruti and Jody Padulano. The Italian builders are the first to enter the latest LEGO Ideas review, which kicked off today following the close of the qualifying period for the third 2021 review.

The Forestmen Secret Inn calls back to the classic ‘90s subtheme of LEGO Castle, which also got a nod in Clemens Fiedler’s 21325 Medieval Blacksmith. The build swings open to reveal a detailed interior, and is surrounded by plenty of foliage to really hammer home the ‘forest’ part of its name.

This isn’t Ceruti and Padulano’s first LEGO Ideas submission: their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory project clocked 10,000 votes in April 2021, but was ultimately rejected by the Ideas review board in the first 2021 review. They’ll be hoping to have a little more success this time around, though the precedent established by previous Castle projects doesn’t paint an optimistic picture.

Still, timing is everything – at least according to the LEGO Ideas team – so you never know. The Forestmen Secret Inn is the one and only project in the first 2022 review so far, but more will surely follow in the days and weeks to come.

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