First list of rumoured LEGO Marvel 2024 sets includes X-Men and No Way Home

The first list of rumoured LEGO Marvel sets for the first half of 2024 includes models based on X-Men ’97, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sources including Instagram users 1414falconfan, exabrickslegogo_ and falconbrickstudios, along with price comparison site, have provided the first idea of what to expect from the LEGO Marvel theme in 2024. An initial list of 12 different sets draws from a wide variety of inspiration, including previous MCU films, the upcoming X-Men ’97 Disney+ show and next year’s new Captain America sequel.

Dive into the entire list below, but remember that these are pretty much all just rumours for now, and should be taken lightly until we get official confirmation of any of them.

76275 Venom and Doc Ock

Price: $9.99 Pieces: 77 Release date: January 2024


Details on 76275 Venom and Doc Ock beyond its two named characters are few and far between, including what form those villains might take. This is too few pieces for a BrickHeadz set, so they’re probably going to be minifigures – but with just 77 pieces to play with, it’s tricky imagine what the build might look like. Either way, these characters are both prominent in Insomniac’s two Spider-Man video games…

76276 Venom Mech

Price: $14.99 Pieces: 134 Release date: January 2024

LEGO Marvel’s mech onslaught will apparently continue in 2024, this time turning to a staple villain in 76276 Venom Mech. Here’s hoping the designers have leaned into the symbiote’s menacing form, complete with plenty of tendrils and tentacles. A new and improved Venom minifigure wouldn’t go amiss, either.

76277 War Machine Mech

Price: $14.99 Pieces: 154 Release date: January 2024

The other LEGO Marvel mech rumoured for 2024 will reportedly put Rhodey in the driving seat, giving War Machine his first oversized suit of armour. The LEGO Group has many more options minifigure-wise in 76277 War Machine Mech, with several different suits to choose from. Iron Patriot, anyone?

76278 Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird

Price: $34.99 Pieces: 290 Release date: January 2024

Likely to be an Infinity Saga-branded set, 76278 Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird will presumably return to the very first Guardians of the Galaxy movie and the Battle of Xandar. We’ve actually seen this ship once before in LEGO bricks, but only as a San Diego Comic-Con-exclusive set in 2014 – which also had exactly half the pieces of this rumoured remake.

76279 Spider-Man Car

Price: $29.99 Pieces: 227 Release date: January 2024

You know what Spider-Man, famous for swinging his way around New York, needs? A car! Fingers crossed the LEGO Group is leaning into Across the Spider-Verse for this one, which features a cameo from Peter Parked Car. The minifigure list sounds pretty rote, at least: 76279 Spider-Man Car is said to include Spidey, Venom (again!) and Green Goblin. Hmm.

76280 No Way Home Expansion Set

Price: $34.99 Pieces: 347 Release date: January 2024

The LEGO Group finally delivered the No Way Home set we’ve all been asking for this month in 76261 Spider-Man Final Battle, but while it does include all three wall-crawlers, it curiously omits a couple of key villains. Sandman is just a hand (Handman?), while Lizard is absent altogether. But this tentatively-named follow-up set in January is rumoured to paste over those cracks with Lizard, Sandman, Electro and Spidey in his black and gold suit (last seen in 76195 Spider-Man’s Drone Duel).

76281 X-Men Jet

Price: $79.99 Pieces: 359 Release date: January 2024

We’re finally starting to see a steady return to the X-Men across this year’s LEGO Marvel line-up (most likely thanks to the forthcoming X-Men ’97 series), but the focus so far has mostly been on Wolverine (save for Beast and Storm in the newly-revealed 71039 Marvel Series 2). 76281 X-Men Jet will hopefully broaden the roster even further in 2024, though that price-per-piece ratio doesn’t seem too encouraging.

76282 Buildable Rocket Raccoon

Price: $54.99 Pieces: 566 Release date: January 2024

In contrast to Marvel’s buildable figures (such as 76257 Wolverine Construction Figure), the price tag and piece count for 76282 Buildable Rocket Raccoon suggest we’re looking at something closer in style – if not size – to Harry Potter’s 76421 Dobby the House-Elf. Which, like that set, could either be adorable or traumatic. It’s all about the eyes…

76284 Buildable Green Goblin

Price: $34.99 Pieces: 471 Release date: April 2024

A set priced more like the construction figures we’ve seen this summer – but with a chunkier piece count – 76284 Buildable Green Goblin will reportedly be branded as a Spider-Man: No Way Home set. That means we’re looking at a large-scale version of Willem Dafoe’s Goblin, and for the size of the model we wouldn’t be surprised to see his glider included.

76292 Captain America: Brave New World

Price: $49.99 Pieces: 223 Release date: April 2024

This as-yet-untitled set will apparently be based on next year’s Captain America: Brave New World, the fourth instalment in the superhero’s solo series that sees Sam Wilson take up the shield on the silver screen. No further details have been revealed, but with one eye on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s only set, there are no guarantees it will include minifigures…

76296 Sam Wilson Captain America Buildable Figure

Price: $34.99 Pieces: 359 Release date: April 2024

Another set inspired by Brave New World (if indirectly), the rumoured set name for 76296 Sam Wilson Captain America Buildable Figure is the surest indication that we’re getting at least one more set in the style of 76258 Captain America Construction Figure and so on.

76298 Spider-Man Buildable Figure

Price: $34.99 Pieces: 303 Release date: April 2024

While 2022’s 76226 Spider-Man Figure is still on shelves – and isn’t due to retire until the end of 2024 – the LEGO Group will apparently be launching a very similar set in 76298 Spider-Man Buildable Figure. We’ve already got the second-most iconic web-slinger in 76225 Miles Morales Figure, too – but maybe this will be an alternate suit, perhaps also inspired by Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Every LEGO Marvel set rumoured for 2024 so far

LEGO setPricePiecesRelease date
76275 Venom and Doc Ock$9.9977January 2024
76276 Venom Mech$14.99134January 2024
76277 War Machine Mech$14.99154January 2024
76278 Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird$34.99290January 2024
76279 Spider-Man Car$29.99227January 2024
76280 No Way Home Expansion Set$34.99347January 2024
76281 X-Men Jet$79.99359January 2024
76282 Buildable Rocket Raccoon$54.99566January 2024
76284 Buildable Green Goblin$34.99471April 2024
76292 Captain America: Brave New World$49.99223April 2024
76296 Sam Wilson Captain America Buildable Figure$34.99359April 2024
76298 Spider-Man Buildable Figure$34.99303April 2024

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Chris Wharfe

I like to think of myself as a journalist first, LEGO fan second, but we all know that’s not really the case. Journalism does run through my veins, though, like some kind of weird literary blood – the sort that will no doubt one day lead to a stress-induced heart malfunction. It’s like smoking, only worse. Thankfully, I get to write about LEGO until then.

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